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A Brief Interview with Andrey Karimov from Free Tribune Russia

This is a loosely translated ( I Google Translated my way through most of it) article written by Maria Leontiev.Permission was granted by Mr.Karimov to republish. 

Andrey Karimov is the head of the school, System of Siberian Cossacks. He is an anthropologist, ethnographer, a practicing psychologist, organizer of seminars for the general public and for Special Forces and police units in Russia and Serbia. He created the methodologies, "Ethnomusical Organization of Physical Education Of Preschoolers" and "Fathers and Sons." The following are questions from journalist Maria Leonteva (Kazan) from her interview for the online publication Free Tribune.
What is  System of Siberian Cossack ?

AK: This is a club of like-minded individuals, with whom are engaged in personal growth and development, who care about the education of children. We must understand that the "System of Siberian Cossack" is not some ancient system, and the name,is not the trade name recognizable among other clubs. We have a lot of different workshops for women, men and children. We partake in everything from the interaction of the family, to use of military equipment. Previously, when we had a big club in Novosibirsk, there were eighteen areas of work. Now, we  hold classes in the cities where we are invited. Basically, these are the topics that most people are interested in, such as fighting lessons, seminars for young men and seminars to educate children.

Tell us more about your methodology?

AK: The System of Siberian Cossacks - is about the education of personal identity, through internal questions such as  "Who am I?, Where am I going?, "Why do I exist?" and "If I exist, then what is my purpose?". These are the questions we try to answer through combat, rhythm and movement practices. Tools such as dance,movement and  vocal lessons, help people to actively participate in the world, and not be afraid of it. If you can whip out a voice, if you can stamp your foot, this in itself, encourages you to an active lifedtyle. With the first strike (heel on the floor), a man says, "I am here, I am, I am ready to act, I will act," thus culture encourages people to be.

Why should this person be encouraged specifically, is this not a natural need?

AK: Many people are not productive or are lost in a volitile attitude toward the world, so it is necessary to form a human need to consent to the personal identity. Many now think about this: "I - it's not me, but someone's application." Many live passively, as the poet said: "People are alive and afraid, and do not want to die." People go to work, then to the supermarket in the morning. For what? It is unclear. You must be the person that makes choices and acts creatively in the world to implement a mission, and to realize that people here reveal their soul. We must realize this is nature, and nature is this is the intention, the will and the  initiative. All these people have awareness through their own self realization. So we say - "be a man." What does it mean to fight? It means to defend your own borders, if necessary, be able to cross borders. When I ask whether it is possible for children to climb over fences, the majority says "no, no". But what if it is necessary to save someone on the other side of the fence? Still, half of the respondents say "no". That is what is difficult, strict  parents prevent children to realize the value of time on Earth, be here now, to be adaptable, to learn necessary lessons, to grow.

Why do people come to you at seminars ?

AK: Alot of people come to practice martial arts, and say that they want to learn to fight. But the most important thing remains hidden: the majority of people come from fear, and the real need is to teach them not to be afraid. It is important to recognize all of the instructors, who are engaged in teaching combat practice,this method of fear reduction.  Fears are many: fear of "being  beaten in the stairway" or that "I'm not like everyone else" or "if I build muscle , maybe more people will be attracted to me".  And in fact, this is wrong. It is necessary in life to foster love and creativity, not fear.

 On your website, among other activities specified, social adaptation is taught , but specifically towards military personnel. Why the does this need to be implimented? 

AK: (long silence ... )The fact is that when a person is gone a long time and learns to obey, he ceases to make independent decisions, and is always more or less clear what to do. Then, when he goes to a great life and does not expect such a large number of  bases. Do not expect that non-requirement exists. There are many promises andfalse points of emphasis to which the person is not ready, especially if he was brought up in simple terms and if he is expected to only carry out commands. Learn to understand what a lie is the only provocation military elite units, and many ordinary units do not teach this. But unfortunately,it is not only the consequences of military service, it is the  consequence of raising children in the daily environment at home and at school. As a result, people are becoming more adapted to the fast-paced life. At my school as a child,  they did not teach a person to distinguish fact from fiction. This is a  common question  now,during a more challenging time than ever before. The mission, is to distract people from self focus. Just as bank loans are designed to confuse a man's head, the same as in the supermarket, and so on.

 What other problems are there now in the education of children? What qualities are important to form a human child?

AK: The fact that the formation of the individual ends at seven years. In  pre-school education, at this age (seven years), everything is incorporated, which makes everything much harder. The child's brain is developing very actively up to three years, and then more slowly. Before that age should form three important things: trust, commitment and dedication. The fact that the child in our society does not have a yard, where he would play alone or with other children.Children are conducted ,constantly. Children are deprived of this self exploration, and it seems , the town is isolated from children. It threatens our consciousness and causes "hotbed education" in terms of any framework, soft or hard leads to the fact that a person dies or abandons action, closed in itself. A seven year old boy needs his mother and then he needs a leader,then he goes into another spatial condition in this fairy tale forest. Boys need uncles,positive role models and mentors. Society today is built on a matriarchy - all its institutions contribute to the comfort of life, focused on the institution of motherhood, even if it does not work, but is determined to protect women, the protection of women without a husband. The social protection system is configured for single mothers. How have we have developed such a system? The fact that the Soviet system at some point became very weak, whereas , previously, right from kindergarten, people had and acknowledgment of self, deeper self awareness and knew what steps to take next in life. The system has manifested to men being overprotective, rigid, or tyrannical, which are all essentially the same thing.  Those who tried to escape from the system, escaped through sports clubs, hiking or army. But now, the army is weak, because the officers are not independent and heavily rely on their mothers still "brushing teeth and washing their faces".

The Soviet system created groups of people who have forgotten how to think for themselves. and to make independent decisions. When and why did this happen?

AK:In fact, this happened when fighting with fists , died. Who is the fist? It is he who "sleeps on his fist," who think for themselves. What did the Soviet system do?This created people who have forgotten how to think for themselves and love themselves. That is, take care of their growth and development, to make independent decisions. There is a loss of responsibility in our young males.This is done in order to have a more obedient slave. And so it happened everywhere, seen as everywhere, the boys live with their mothers up to forty - fifty years, in Italy the same.

 What causes contributed to the loss of these practices?

AK:In Soviet times, the social life was highly regulated, and all forms of social life were subjected to inspection or sharp as it's called censorship. Especially those where people showed their independence or will, especially dance. They were not just washed out of the culture, and even condemned. It was believed that if you sing or danced openly, then you must be drunk. An example is the inability to use my voice. Physical causes - social consequence, people can not sing because their voice is clamped, then you need to remove the barriers that man could sing. Robbed voice robbed first parents, then the social structure. The fact that the culture of the Russian apparently created culture-soil, destroying any basis for making the soil more tolerant to any crop, although in itself susceptible culture and peaceful.

Which tool allows you to maintain the viability of the traditional culture of the person? 

AK: Cultures can create a social collaboration or collective. A social collaboration is designed to change a person from their current state, to charging them with energy for their future life. From well-known social collaborations,now only one remains.The feast. Then when people come together to eat, sing, talk. That in of itself, is a social idealology.

Among those who are engaged in the study and restoration of Russian folk culture, to denote the totality of knowledge and training in this line the word "tradition." What is a "tradition" in your understanding? 

AK:Tradition  is a set of principles or entity that transcends people through time and any particular place and time updated: old prolongs itself in the new. I have  even had the phrase "tradition, it germinates with the old in the new, still yourself and it becomes  real, modern" This is how I live, and stick to it.

Continuity is unique to the Russian tradition, or applicable to any tradition of people, is this your idealology? 

AK: I do not advocate separation of one thing from another. I love to find a commonality, so I will answer this way. Each person and each tradition attempts to answer questions about why people exist and for what - this is the main question .General culture, any tradition, encourages people to be, to act and continue to be ones' true self. Russian tradition to encourage to be - there are those who consider themselves Russian, helping to live in the world. And all its elements: intonation, rhythmic style of the past, and living for  the future. Soviet cultural policy has had a major impact on the national culture of all of it's people who were part of the country. The Russian culture is said to have suffered more than others. Because it is of Russian traditional culture that has created a culture of Soviet man. Was this lost throughout  authentic Russian tradition? Tradition has purpose and meaning and this goal has not changed, but some elements are, in fact,  lost. Tradition that can only be described as a phenomenon is present in large quantities. The main objective of folk culture, as already mentioned,is to induce a person to be. A person's ability to adjust to shock is what determines his life, fate or spirituality. But by itself blow means "gift" and the completion of the action, fell, saw surprised convinced. Objective resist, restrain strikes happening around. In this sense, culture is still preserved and continues to keep the strike. Punch - this is one of the necessary qualities, without which man can not be.

 This is only a man's quality culture? Or culture - is the notion of the male?

AK:No, women also have this ability, just in the female body, physiological ability to take a punch and can easily manifest, meaning , it is more natural. Men's quality punch brought tradition. Culture and it's elements, for instance, fairy tales, are intended to educate boys from the men. Culture largely focused on the education of men, and tales told to men. When men have ceased to teach it, we get young boys who can not take a punch. Culture keeps hitting only if it is independent, dependent, or if it is pegged, then sooner or later it dies. If a  boy is nursed for  a long time, as a result, he becomes either alcoholic or drug addict or commits suicide. So if we babysit our children too much,  traditionally, there is a paradox that results in only faster self destruction.

 Is not there a feeling that all the generations of Russian now substituted by such a blow?

AK:Well, what can I say, I'm certain some long lived abroad in Australia, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Romania and I can tell you we have a unique country. To love our fatherland must move away from him, then feel to it spicy cravings and understanding of what is happening. I think there is a special mission and destiny that exists in Russia. Do not judge us about it, but I do know that we have the most interesting and unique people. What is now happening in the world is a huge, big idea and Russia plays a major role in it. In other countries, people look at Russia with hope, because the world is on the verge of mental and spiritual, or may not be exactly on the verge of a spiritual, not so easy to explain. Even despite the fact that we have problems with education, with all our tradition preserved the most in terms of initiative, commitment and trust.

Trust in what?

AK:Credibility of all, because there are many kinds of trust. To yourself, to know, to society, to God. In other countries, this level of mistrust leads to the fact that the person is a person in a case, a small coffin.

You say that for young boys, there are some basic phases of maturation, reflected in popular culture with the help of symbols, archetypes, and fairy tale characters that correspond to each phase of growing your space action. The growth phase, when a boy - a child in the fairy tales portrayed the hare, the phase of the sample and experience guy - wolf phase of affairs when a man, breaking initiation wedding, acquires strength and tenacity, and is called a" bear "in the tale, and then, breaking childbearing period, becomes an old man - "gray wolf", acquires wisdom and acceptance. Whether it is possible to extrapolate and say in what phase of maturation is now the Russian society as a whole?

AK: In the nineties, the company was on the stage Man, everyone was like wolves tearing all, such a wild flock without a king in the head, in the tale says that the guy is then your skills to the king, behold the nineties, this is the time for. And now I find it hard to say, the government act like men, changed mentality, they see the provocation and are able to take a punch. The man knows how to fend feints, ie attacks the double intention.

You're talking about what is happening in Ukraine? 

AK:Ukraine - is only part of the big plan, what is happening in the world. If we talk about social roles, I see that the leadership walk as the mature people who can meet the challenges of the outside.
Culture tends to be rehabilitated and even somewhat aggressive play itself when the system pressure and censorship ends. This can be seen, for example, in the stage of the national republics, not of good quality, but differing viability. Why this is not happening with Russian culture? There are several reasons.
Firstly, the Russian culture is also a literary culture. Between secular and urban popular culture, between them is still a struggle, even though the first two picks in the juices. It is believed that the villagers uneducated, uncultured, they say. Although contrary language is the main means of authentic culture, the language is retained by the people, of popular culture took many composers such as Glinka and Bortnyansky.

How do you feel about modern music, which is located at the junction of the pop culture,What about mass and folk tradition, when musicians are synthesized traditional and modern culture?

AK: In the hands of masters of the culture, as well as any product does not die, but continues to evolve, but some performer's material "dies" in his hands and lips.

What does "die"mean? 

AK:Culture encourages people to live and act. If the material encourages people to become stuck, or hang, then it destroys the person. Here's how to get unstuck,  either be or not be. This idea either increases the power to create, to grow, to develop, so it is a continuation of life. If it only entertains, corrupts, take away, then this toxic culture is killing the person.

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